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Terms of import and export to and from Turkey

Terms of import and export to and from Turkey

Buying A Property In Turkey While You Are In Your Country

Next Group offers its customers an import and export service through which you can only tell us information about the shipment or the goods to be exported outside Turkey or import from Turkey while you are in your place.
Where Next Group provides special cadres that search in the Turkish markets for the best goods and commodities in terms of quality and price and send all the important information to the customer, and he has to choose, and we take care of transporting and clearing them from customs until they reach the place he wants

Terms of import and export:
1- Import:

• The customer must have a commercial or industrial registry
• Commercial invoice certified by the authority responsible for trade in the exporting country
• Import license or import card
• General authorization certified by the Chamber of Commerce or Industry for our company Next Group as the customs broker

2- Export:

• Certified commercial or industrial invoice
• Certificate of origin for the commodity to be exported
• Shipping Policy
• Health certificates for health products and goods
• Quality certificates, and this certificate is required in some countries
• Packing Regulations

Customs clearance in the import and export process:

After the arrival of the goods to be cleared, they are unloaded on the land of the port, and then the role of Next Group comes as the customs broker, where we submit the commercial invoice, packing regulations and certificate of origin to the customs in order to know the fees incurred on the goods
And then the goods are inspected to ensure their conformity with the papers and invoices submitted in order to approve the value of the customs duties, as they are paid by us to receive the permission to receive the container or the goods
Finally, the container is unloaded from the goods and loaded onto a truck for the customer to be unloaded in his warehouse, and thus the customs clearance process has been completed

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