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The Cheapest Apartments In Turkey And How To Buy A Cheap Apartment

The Cheapest Apartments In Turkey And How To Buy A Cheap Apartment

The Cheapest Apartments In Turkey And How To Buy A Cheap Apartment

How to buy a cheap apartment in Turkey?

The low budget is no longer a barrier to choosing an apartment for sale in Turkey that suits people’s needs. Today, you can look for cheap apartments in Turkey. You can also pay according to various financing options that certainly suit you. It should be noted that the prices of apartments in Turkey are still low compared to the prices of apartments in other European countries, therefore Next Real Estate company has provided this opportunity, with a large number of physical projects, to meet the needs of investors and those wishing to own property, from all segments.

What are Turkey's cheapest cities in real estate?

The prices of apartments in each Turkish city vary according to many factors, from space to location, views, and finishings, so each city contains cheap apartments, from Istanbul to Trabzon, Sapanca, Sakarya, Bursa, Antalya, and Kocaeli, and many Turkish cities. One of the factors related to the price of apartments in Turkey is the state of construction, whether it is under construction or ready for housing, since the price of a house that is in the case of construction is relatively low, leaving room for a good investment return compared to a home that is home-ready for housing.

What are the cheapest apartment prices in Turkey?
Models of the cheapest apartments in Istanbul

The areas for the purchase of cheap apartments in Istanbul, including the Gumus Residence in Esenyurt, are located within a luxury residential complex with distinctive services, and in an environment rich in health and education services and markets. The project is close to public transport routes that connect it to all parts of Istanbul, and also is surrounded by a range of schools, educational centres and universities, the most important of which is the University of Esenyurt.

Located in the Buyukcekmece region, the Kassab Project is one of the most rapidly growing European Istanbul areas of investment value, replete with luxury projects and important services. The Denge Kartal Project, in the Asian end of Istanbul, is part of the municipality of Kartal, which is known for its beautiful green nature, its modern contemporary models, and its distinctive location provides its apartments with scenic views of the Green Hills on the one hand, and the Sea of Marmara and the Princes’ Islands on the other.

Cheap apartment models in Trabzon

Cheap apartment purchase areas abound in Trabzon, including the Golden complex apartments. The complex is located in the Yomra area, a suburb of Trabzon city, where tourism and private investment take place, for its scenic coastal views, is located on the highway and is surrounded by a number of schools and universities.

Likewise, the Lake Park complex, as the project is located in the Yalincak region, 450 meters from the main road connecting the other areas of the city, in a residential and vital area with a wonderful view of the Black Sea on one side, and the green mountains of Trabzon on the other, as well as the Maria residence, and the project Skylife, and more.

Models for the cheapest apartment prices in Antalya

Antalya contains an abundance of cheap apartments, such as Afshar residence, as this project is located in the central Kepez area in the coastal resort city of Antalya, and within a group of neighborhoods that have been rebuilt in recent years, and the complex has an important location, through its proximity to the Medical City project in Antalya, in addition to what the project area enjoys in terms of proximity to schools, shopping centers, and bazaars. As well as the Konyaalti life project, in the famous Konyaalti area, close to the Kardinlar beach and coastal resorts, and the project is surrounded by a group of markets, shops, and bazaars, as well as Port residences, and more.

Models of the cheapest apartment prices in Sakarya

Next Real Estate offers the opportunity to own real estate properties in Sakarya at cheap prices, and in multiple areas, between the embrace of green nature, with elaborate finishes, ready for delivery, such as the Sakarya River project, as the apartments are located in the embrace of charming nature, within walking distance from the tourist attractions and the sumptuous splendor of nature. Close to hospitals and schools, and many important services, as well as Serdivan residence, as it contains ideal residential apartments within a residential project with full services and facilities.

Cheap apartments in Kocaeli, Turkey

Kocaeli contains cheap luxury apartments, such as the Zirai Complex, which is about 10 km from the E80 highway, which is the link between Kocaeli and Istanbul, as it includes several apartments of large areas, different models, and good finishes, as well as the Kirby Nature complex. The Kirby region is characterized by its clear blue bay near a green paradise consisting of various trees, as well as the Green Hill project, and the Anatolian project.

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