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New Plans To Develop Istanbul Canal Project

New Plans To Develop Istanbul Canal Project

New Plans To Develop Istanbul Canal Project

The Turkish government has announced the approval of the plans to develop the Istanbul Canal project, and to take quick steps to work on implementing this project, in cooperation with a number of Turkish and international experts.

In this context, the Turkish Minister of Environment and Urban Planning, Murat Korum, said in a press statement:

“We have approved the plans for the development of the Istanbul Water Canal project, and we have put them up for public consultation, and we will take quick steps to enrich Turkey in general, and the city of Istanbul in particular, with the Istanbul Canal.”

Korum continued his statement by saying: “After evaluating many citizens’ requests and complaints related to the canal project, the Turkish government has approved 3 reconstruction projects related to the new water canal, where the area of ​​the first project is 100,000 square meters, the second is 5,000 square meters, and the third is 1,000 square meters. Square”.

It is expected that the construction process of the Istanbul Water Canal, which is 45 kilometers long, west of the city center on the European side of Istanbul, will start during the current year 2021.

The construction of this canal is expected to be completed between 2025-2026, with a daily traffic capacity of 185 ships, and at an estimated cost of approximately 75 billion pounds.

It is worth noting that Turkey always seeks to establish projects that contribute to its renaissance and construction, especially since a project such as the new Istanbul Canal will develop the country at an unprecedented speed, in economic, urban and technological terms.

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