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Turkish Citizenship And Turkish Passport 2021

Turkish Citizenship And Turkish Passport 2021

Turkish Citizenship And Turkish Passport 2021 - Conditions, Advantages, And How To Obtain

The Turkish Nationality Law was the point of interest of many investors around the world, especially among citizens of many countries in the Arab region who are looking for more facilitation in their travel and transportation, in addition to some commercial opportunities as well.

Many investors did not hesitate to be part of it, as it does not contain any kind of risk or chance, where there is no financial loss in it at all, but rather, it is a type of real estate ownership, safe investment, or bank deposit, nothing more.

The numbers of people who obtained Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership

The number of people who received the real estate conformity document from 2017 until the beginning of 2020 reached about 6 thousand and 694 foreign citizens. This conformity document is the first step in the journey of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership in Turkey.

The statistics indicate that there are large numbers of investors who obtained Turkish citizenship through their successful investment in the real estate field with really simple procedures, where the stage of obtaining citizenship after they owned the property did not exceed 90 days in most cases.

Due to the importance of this matter, we will discuss some points that summarize it, and we will answer the most important frequently asked questions and inquiries of those interested in this matter.

What is the Turkish citizenship law?

It is the law issued on 2010/02/11 No. 139/2010 and its amendments have been issued in 2018 No. 5901. This law approved granting Turkish citizenship to those who invest in Turkey with one of the investment types that include:

  1. Owning real estatewhich is owning a property in Turkey with a minimum value of $250,000 provided not selling it for three years.
  2. Bank depositwhich is depositing the equivalent of $500,000 at least in a Turkish bank for three years.
  3. Recruiting Turkish citizens: By hiring at least 50 Turks.
  4. Buying government bondswith a value of at least $500,000.
Turkish Citizenship Advantages

Also, there are many advantages for the Turkish citizenship which the people rarely notice, the most important of which is the possibility of obtaining a US investor visa E2 Which is usually given for a period of two years to the investors coming to America from some countries which the USA have friendship, trade, or navigation treaties, like Turkey.

Among the most important countries that a Turkish passport holder can enter without a visa are Qatar, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sultanate of Brunei, Chile, Georgia, Serbia, South Africa, Thailand, Northern Cyprus, Ukraine, and other countries.

Among the most important countries that allow a Turkish passport holder to enter with an immediate visa issued upon arrival are Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon, and most of the African countries.

Also, it is possible to enter more than 7 countries through an electronic visa issued online including Australia and the Sultanate of Oman.

Not to mention Turkey’s numerous trade treaties that connect it with countries of the European Union which facilitate the entry of the Turks to its countries, with the possibility of Turkey joining the European Union countries which is being discussed from time to time, with the aim of opening the doors of Europe to the holders of the Turkish passport. These negotiations may result in granting the holder of a Turkish passport the right to enter Europe without a visa in the future.

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