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Papers Required To Apply For Turkish Citizenship In Return For Buying A Property

Papers Required To Apply For Turkish Citizenship In Return For Buying A Property

Papers Required To Apply For Turkish Citizenship In Return For Buying A Property

Knowing the required papers for Turkish citizenship is a necessity for investors wishing to apply for Turkish citizenship in return for real estate investment.

All parts of the puzzle have been completed by the Turkish Citizenship Act and its recently issued Executive Regulations. The Turkish Government has already begun to receive applications from investors following the purchase of properties conforming to the Turkish Nationality law.

The new Turkish nationality law included important amendments to obtain Turkish citizenship, including the decision to grant Turkish citizenship after buying a property worth $ 250 thousand, after it was $ 1 million in the previous resolution.

The following is a review of all the papers and documents required for Turkish citizenship in return for real estate investment for the owner of the property and his wife and children under the age of 18 years, based on practical experiences by the legal team of Next Group Real Estate, where many Turkish citizenship and residency applications has been submitted, and Turkish nationality has already been granted to some of our dear customers during a short period of not more than two months, due mainly to the completion of all required documents, along with the expertise of the after sales team of our company.

After buying a property worth $ 250,000... You have to obtain:

-Photocopy of the Tabu (The title deed of the purchased property), or a copy of the pledge of sale contract with the notary public.

– Property valuation report on the date of the title deed, not exceeding the value recorded in the deed of title. The cost of issuing a real estate valuation report is 1200 lira per estate and is obtained within two or three working days via an assessment institution licensed by the Turkish government.

These receipts are proof that the property value was paid and transferred from the seller’s account to the buyer’s account.

– Payment receipts from the buyer’s account stamped with a direct stamp from the bank.

– Receipt receipts from the seller’s account stamped with a direct stamp of the bank.

– Two copies of the agency of citizenship by the investor to be granted for the company’s legal team to submit the file of citizenship and follow-up in the official departments. To be organized through the Notary and at a cost of 600 – 700 Turkish liras per copy (In the case of adding the investor’s spouse/husband to the citizenship file, we must have a similar agency, which can be organized jointly by the client and his wife).

  • Translation of a certified passport of the Notary for the entire family (husband + wife + children under 18).
Documents required to obtain a residence permit in preparation for applying for citizenship:
  1. Residence Permit Application Form.
  2. Certificate of conformity (i.e., conformity of the property to the specifications the citizenship grant can be obtained from the Tabu Department).
  3. Original passport + photocopy of it (applicant must be present personally).
  4. Biometric photos (new).
  5. Valid health insurance.
Documents required from the owner, his wife and children under the age of 18 to apply for citizenship
  • Application form for obtaining Exceptional
  • The consent of the wife (or husband) to grant children under the age of 18 years the nationality (not needed if the spouses apply for citizenship, in the case of obtaining an agency from the wife/husband).
  • Civil status document: A marriage contract or other document proving the applicant’s status, whether he is single or married.
  • Birth certificate or any other document that confirms birth information such as civil registration or family record (must include the names of the parents of each individual).
  • Family statement document or family book.
  • 2 Biometric photos (for the whole family).
Important note on the ratification of documents issued outside Turkey:
  • All government documents must be ratified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country issuing the document and by the Turkish representation in that country (Turkish embassy or consulate).
  • If Turkish Representation is not able to ratify the document in the country of origin, it must be ratified by the representative of that country in Turkey and ratified by the Wali after its translation and ratification by the Notary.
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