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Women Hair Transplant Operation

Women Hair Transplant Operation

Women Hair Transplant Operation

Hair loss in not a problem that only affects men. Statistically 1 in every 5 women may experience hair loss at some point in their lives.

Psychological effects of hair loss in women may be more drastic due to social norms and society’s perception of women. And since an average woman is more perceptive of their own appearance compared to an average man, the importance of achieving a permanent solution becomes even more important.

Women Hair Loss

Hair loss in women may be caused by pregnancy, hormonal changes, stress, medications, thyroid problems, chronic health problems. It also can be observed gradually due to aging and genetic factors. Hair loss has numerous reasons.

The number of women who suffer hair loss is higher than expected, 40% of people who suffer hair loss after the age of 40 are women. Hair loss patterns in women are different, therefore different transplantation methods are preferred.

Unlike men, hair loss in women starts at the back of the head and the center, instead of the frontal scalp. Therefore, women hair transplant aims to increase the density of the hair that surrounds the face.

Men hair loss occurs in specific areas, so it is possible to take the hair follicles from the areas that haven’t lost hair. But in women, hair loss patterns are usually less defined, therefore it’s harder to determine the donor area or areas.

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