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Liposuction Surgical Procedure in Turkey

Liposuction Surgical Procedure in Turkey

Liposuction Surgical Procedure in Turkey

Liposuction is a procedure that removes the accumulated fat in some parts of the body by advanced medical techniques, and makes the body more consistent. This procedure is made for aesthetic reasons around the world. However, it can be done to treat some medical conditions and for gynecomastia for men. Liposuction, which known as body carving, provides permanent solutions to reduce the number of fat cells that grew up due to weight gain.

Liposuction can be done on these parts of the body:

  • Abdomen,
  • Buttocks,
  • Arms,
  • Breast and back,
  • Chin,
  • Waist.

Fat is removed by a medical suction machine, to give body the external beautiful appearance, besides reducing the number of fat cells.

Also, this operation is successfully performed in Turkey for years.

Who Can Perform Liposuction?

People who are over 18 years and have no health problems and their capability has been confirmed by doctors, can do Liposuction in Turkey. It is important that patients should have no problems in blood pressure and immune system. The doctor will examine the patient in detail and check on their health condition.

During Liposuction

The duration of this procedure varies depending on the amount of fat to be suctioned and the applied technique, in average it takes 1-6 hours. The anesthesia type will be selected depending on the doctor’s opinion, it might be local or general anesthesia. As with other cosmetic operations, the doctor’s experience is very important, especially for determining the amount of fat to be suctioned and making sure it is not over 5 liters to maintain patient’s health.

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