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Expectations to receive 25 million tourists in Turkey during 2021

Expectations to receive 25 million tourists in Turkey during 2021

Expectations to receive 25 million tourists in Turkey during 2021

In a statement to the Federation of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies, the President of the Federation Firuz Bagli Kaya said:

“According to the plan announced by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, all coronavirus restrictions in the UK will be removed from June 21, and restrictions on international travel will remain in place until May 17.”

Bagli Kaya alluded to the huge number of tourists that Turkey will receive during the summer season of this year when he said:

“Despite the effects of Corona that swept the whole world, it is expected that Turkey will receive 25 million British tourists, during the next summer season in 2021, and it is expected to achieve revenues of $20 billion.”

Bagli Kaya added: “Cities in southern Turkey such as Antalya are the first target for British tourists, because of their beautiful sea beaches, distinguished hotel services, and competitive prices.”

In his speech on the Turkish-British relations, Bagli Kaya said: “Turkey is associated with Britain with important contracts and commercial companies, but at the same time the outbreak of the Corona virus had an impact on a severe decline in the revenues of the tourism sector globally.”

Turkey is a medical destination for tourists

It is noteworthy that Turkey is characterized by the presence of a variety of tourist attractions, which constitute a point of attraction for tourists in various tourist destinations.

In addition, it is one of the most prominent points for those wishing to conduct medical tourism in addition to recreational and winter tourism, given the availability of all the amenities it offers to visitors and tourists, from various Arab and Western countries.

In addition to the various tourist attractions that Turkey is famous for, it is one of the most prominent destinations for those coming for medical tourism, as there are many health resorts in Turkey, and mineral springs, which provide tourists with all the elements of comfort.

Therefore, it can be said that Turkey, despite the spread of the Corona pandemic, managed to maintain the distinguished position it occupies in attracting tourists for the purpose of treatment on its lands, and visiting its health resorts, and thanks to this position, it was able to achieve qualitative leaps in the field of medical tourism.

In a related context, Dr. Mukhtar Fateh Bedeli, Director of the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia Patients Department at Medical Park Hospital, said in a statement:

“Medical tourism in Turkey, by attracting millions of tourists annually, has managed to establish itself in a prestigious position in the Middle East and at the world level.”

Reasons for the boom in medical tourism in Turkey

Bedeli attributed the prestigious position that Turkey has established for itself, and the significant growth of medical tourism in Turkey during the past years for a number of reasons, including:

Establishment of centers and hospitals equipped with the latest equipment and modern technologies, and high-end services provided by doctors, which have local quality certificates, and from the Joint International Commission for International Accreditation.
The existence of natural places used for the purpose of healing from many diseases, such as springs, health resorts or health centers specialized in physical therapy.
The remarkable success achieved by Turkey in combating the Corona virus on its soil, and the decline in its spread to a very large degree.

It is worth noting that the Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, had confirmed earlier that Turkey’s goal is to receive 75 million tourists in 2023.

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