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Hollywood Smile Treatment in Turkey

Hollywood Smile Treatment in Turkey

Hollywood Smile Treatment in Turkey

The procedure aims to obtain aesthetic oral perfection and proportional perfection between gums, lips and teeth.

It provides a solution for teeth’s congenital, formal, and functional problems. In addition to the beautification of the external aesthetic appearance, this procedure fill the empty spaces between teeth, which eliminates the chewing problems. This treatment is performed successfully in Turkey.

Hollywood Smile Through Cosmetic Teeth Design

Since teeth affect a person’s looks directly, they should be designed specifically for each patient to achieve a Hollywood Smile. During teeth design, these points should be considered:

  • The frontal teeth position.
  • The size of teeth.
  • The color and shape of teeth.
  • The gum appearance.

Hollywood Smile aims to make the incisors clearer than other teeth. Incisors should be in a good position and a certain proportion of them should be visible while speaking. With this procedure, the gum is reshaped too. Ideally, approximately 2 cm  of the gum should be visible during speech. More of the gums being visible during speech is considered aesthetically displeasing.

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