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Dental Implants Operation in Turkey

Dental Implants Operation in Turkey

Dental Implants Operation in Turkey

Many problems may occur in teeth for many reasons, which leads to losing the teeth. In addition to chewing problems and appearance, losing teeth causes a massive disruption in the jaw, and affect people’s lives negatively.

The artificial teeth are designed in the form of screws and roots used to treat the problem of losing teeth. These teeth looks like natural teeth and it does its functions. The placed part in the jaw is called the implanted tooth. The artificial teeth are implanted in the jaw through surgery, therefore the empty spaces that occurred due to losing teeth are filled. In addition, it is possible to make the procedure after tooth extraction.

Dental Implants Types

Dental Implants are separated into two types depending on treated area:

1 – Endosteal Implant: In this method, the roots are placed directly in the jaw, it is possible to implant one tooth or more. The roots are in the form of tiny conical or cylindrical screws.

2 – Subperiosteal Implant: In this method, a metal base is connected to the jaw’s bone tissue or gum. The artificial roots are implanted to support the gum, and simulate the natural roots functions. The endosteal implant method is used more than subperiosteal method, if the jaw’s bones cannot handle the implantation process, it is possible to use the subperiosteal method.

The method is selected depending on the patient’s need and doctor’s opinion. In addition, it is possible to do the procedure on one tooth or the whole mouth. It takes one day when the whole mouth is implanted, and the results lasts for a lifetime.

As a note, dental implant procedure has been performing in Turkey for years.

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